Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saturday July 17: City of Butler Time Trial

The City of Butler Individual Time Trial starts out the day...and the Butler County Stage Race.

The 6.5 mile, closed to traffic course, heads north on Main Street from Diamond Park and the Butler Courthouse towards Penn Street.  After a left down Penn Street, the course goes through Memorial Park, then Alameda Park, before back-tracking Penn Street to Main Street and the Courthouse Finish Line.

Starting at 8:50am, riders will go off at 30 second intervals.

**Official start times will be posted at late registration/ packet pick up on Friday, July 16th, 6-10pm.**

Starting order (and approximate start times):
Unis                  (8:50 am)
Men's 4/5          (9:25 am)
Men's 40+          (9:50 am)
Women's Open  (10:05 am)
Men's 3             (10:15 am)
Men's 1/2/3      (10:30 am)

With a sector of brick pave both entering then leaving Memorial Park, some rough pavement going through Alameda Park, and 6 sharp turns ...a Time Trial specific bike may have little advantage over a road bike(?)

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