Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ride the Downtown Courses!

July is Bicycle Month in Butler!  (It's Unicycle Month too.)

To celebrate, we're riding the approved City Cycling Routes every Friday night in July (unless it's pouring).   We meet at the city parking lot across from the Burger Hut at 6pm for a casual ride throughout the city.  The ride is relaxed and usually takes around an hour.  We typically head to a local restaurant afterwards to eat and socialize.

Why put this information on the Stage Race site?

Simple: Friday the 16th is registration night for the Race.

We especially invite those not familiar with the streets of Butler to join us at 6pm for a pedaling preview of  the Downtown TT and Crit courses.  Registration is from 6-10pm so you'll have ample time to register after the tour.

Hopefully you'll join us for at least one Friday in July!

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  1. Hmmmm, wondering how many other CAT 3s are thinking about signing up, too. Low numbers mean low points and low pay. Not worth the 5 hour drive.