Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Event Photos

Benjamin Stephens has posted a race write-up to

     - Pittsburgh

...where he also provided links to Photo Collections by

     - Himself
     - Fred Jordan, and
     - Deb Rittleman

YOU can get THERE by clicking HERE

Monday, July 19, 2010

Final G.C.Results

These are the Final Results of the 2010 Butler County Stage Race. 

Some time later, they will be updated with TEAM listings for the riders, to provide visibility and thanks to the Sponsors who support these riders.

- henry

Saturday, July 17, 2010

General Classification after Day 1

After the TT and the Crit, the top Standing are as follows:

Friday, July 16, 2010

TT Start Times

The UNI-CYCLES will go off first, starting at 8:50 am according to (their own) schedule.

The following are the start times for all "Two-Wheelers".

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Park along Main Street or in Red lots pictured below.

Park ONLY in Red lots
Detours limiting travel will begin at ~ 8:00am

The two lots on McKean Street are open air lots.
The "lot" on Washington Street is a parking Garage.
The lot on the south edge of town is UNDER the Bridge.

Washington Street is ONE WAY to the SOUTH (detour route)
McKean Street is ONE WAY to the NORTH (detour route)
Jefferson Street is ONE WAY to the WEST
Cunningham Street is ONE WAY to the EAST

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Start Times:
Men 3
Previously posted to start at 1:05 pm will now start at 1:20 pm
Men 1/2/3
Previously posted to Start at 1:15 pm will now start at 1:30 pm

On-Line Registration:
Extended 24 hours from Midnight Wed. July 14 to Midnight Thursday July 15

Late Registration:
Originally only Friday Night from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Grand Ballroom in Downtown Butler... has been extended to include Saturday Morning from 7:00 am to 8:30 am at the same Location (click HERE).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ride the Downtown Courses!

July is Bicycle Month in Butler!  (It's Unicycle Month too.)

To celebrate, we're riding the approved City Cycling Routes every Friday night in July (unless it's pouring).   We meet at the city parking lot across from the Burger Hut at 6pm for a casual ride throughout the city.  The ride is relaxed and usually takes around an hour.  We typically head to a local restaurant afterwards to eat and socialize.

Why put this information on the Stage Race site?

Simple: Friday the 16th is registration night for the Race.

We especially invite those not familiar with the streets of Butler to join us at 6pm for a pedaling preview of  the Downtown TT and Crit courses.  Registration is from 6-10pm so you'll have ample time to register after the tour.

Hopefully you'll join us for at least one Friday in July!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Race Headquarters Announced

The Grand Ballroom @
Cornerstone Commons
201 South Main Street
Suite 300 (3rd Floor)
Butler, PA 16001
724 - 431 - 0007
(1 block from Start/Finish)

Late Registration &
Packet Pick-Up
Friday (6pm - 10:00 pm)

NO Saturday Registrations
Packet Pick-Up & Sign-Ins
Saturday (7:00 am - 5:00 pm)

**A valid USA Cycling license must be presented at registration to receive your packet.**

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Prize List and Time Bonuses - Men 1/2/3

Note: The prize list is for the total race - not each individual event. The time bonus is per stage.

Category: Men 1/2/3

  Place      Time Bonus      Cash       Additional         KOM
                (RR and Crit                    prize value
    1         10 seconds        $140         $300              $60
    2          6 seconds         $115         $250              $40
    3          4 seconds          $95          $200              $20
    4                                  $80          $150
    5                                  $70          $100
    6                                  $60
    7                                  $55
    8                                  $50
    9                                  $45
  10                                  $40

Prize List and Time Bonuses Men 40+ and Men 3

Note: The prize list is for the total race - not each individual event. The time bonus is per stage.

Categories: Men 40+ (No 5's) also Men 3

Place:    Time Bonus       Cash:      Additional          KOM
             (Crit and RR                    Prize Value
   1         10 seconds       $80          $125                $40
   2         6 seconds         $65          $125                $30
   3         4 seconds         $55          $125                $20
   4                                $40          
   5                                $35        
   6                                $30        
   7                                $25        
   8                                $20        
   9                                $15        
 10                                $10        

Prize List and Time Bonuses - Women 1/2/3/4

Note: The prize list is for the total race - not each individual event. The time bonus is per stage.

 Category: Women 1/2/3/4

Place:       Time Bonus       Cash:      Additional       QOM
                (Crit and RR                   prize value
  1             10 seconds      $125       $125               $40
  2             6 seconds        $100       $125               $30
  3             4 seconds        $80         $125               $20
  4                                   $60       
  5                                   $55       
  6                                   $50       
  7                                   $45       
  8                                   $30       
  9                                   $20       
10                                   $10       

Prize List and Time Bonuses - Men 4/5

Note: The prize list is for the total race - not each individual event.  The time bonus is per stage.

Category: Men 4/5

Place:   Time Bonus      Cash:        KOM
            (Crit and RR
    1        10 seconds      $50          $30
    2        6 seconds        $45          $20
    3        4 seconds        $40          $10
    4                               $35    
    5                               $30    
    6                               $25    
    7                               $20    
    8                               $15    
    9                               $10    
  10                               $5       

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saturday July 17: City of Butler Time Trial

The City of Butler Individual Time Trial starts out the day...and the Butler County Stage Race.

The 6.5 mile, closed to traffic course, heads north on Main Street from Diamond Park and the Butler Courthouse towards Penn Street.  After a left down Penn Street, the course goes through Memorial Park, then Alameda Park, before back-tracking Penn Street to Main Street and the Courthouse Finish Line.

Starting at 8:50am, riders will go off at 30 second intervals.

**Official start times will be posted at late registration/ packet pick up on Friday, July 16th, 6-10pm.**

Starting order (and approximate start times):
Unis                  (8:50 am)
Men's 4/5          (9:25 am)
Men's 40+          (9:50 am)
Women's Open  (10:05 am)
Men's 3             (10:15 am)
Men's 1/2/3      (10:30 am)

With a sector of brick pave both entering then leaving Memorial Park, some rough pavement going through Alameda Park, and 6 sharp turns ...a Time Trial specific bike may have little advantage over a road bike(?)

Saturday July 17: Main Street Criterium

The Butler Main Street Criterium is a 1.0 mile course, with 6 - 90 degree, and 1 - 180 degree turns.

Race Lengths will be based on Time.

Uni's (2 fields)   (12:30 - 1:30 pm)
Men 4/5            (1:45 - 2:15pm)  (30 min)
Men 40+            (2:30 - 3:10pm)  (40 min)
Women Open     (3:25 - 4:00pm)  (35 min)
Men 3                (4:15 - 5:05pm)  (50 min)
Men 1/2/3         (5:20 - 6:50pm)  (90 min)

The "Lollipop" style course starts off from Diamond Park, across from the Butler County Courthouse, and heads downhill on Main Street to a 180deg turn at the north end of town.

Once completing an "about face", riders then head back uphill (south) back towards Diamond Park and the eventual Finish Line.

With a sharp 90deg RIGHT turn, the race then traverses two sectors of brick pave "cobbles", forming more of a HAMMER head than the business end of a "Lollipop"!

Covering less than 0.2 miles, this BRICK HAMMER presents the riders with four, quick succession, 90deg LEFT hand turns, taking them around the Courthouse then around Diamond Park, before spitting them back onto Main Street with one last 90deg RIGHT. 

It won't take too many laps around the Hammer before the legs will FEEL like the Bricks they are riding over!

Then, Rinse & Repeat!

This fast and technical course will be GREAT for spectators!

Sunday, July 18: Renfrew Rás Road Race

Details: The Rás is a challenging 8.5 mile course on rural roads in Penn Township. 8am to 6pm. Police escort/ rolling enclosure. King and Queen of the Mountain cash prizes awarded.

Class             Start         # Laps       Mileage
Men 4/5        8:00 am        3 laps      25 miles
Unis              8:05 am       1,2,or 3    8.5, 17, 25+
Men 40+       10:30 am       5 laps      42 miles
Women        10:40 am       4 laps      34 miles
Men 3          1:20 pm        6 laps      51 miles
Men 1/2/3    1:30 pm       10 laps     85 miles

Monday, March 29, 2010

Come to Butler

Hey all, this is not only a quick test, but an invite. Mark your calendars, set your iPhone, leave a sticky note on the mirror, or just plain remember July 17-18, 2010- Butler, PA. It's going to be quite the cycling and spectating experience.